Lammily doll with cellulite

Lammily doll

Lammily doll is the first fashion doll made according to typical human body proportions to promote realistic beauty standards. The creator, 26 years old Nicholay
Lamm made the doll with typical size of 19 year women. You can upgrade it with acne, cellulite, spots, … Because he wanted to show that the average is also beautiful.  And also that everyone is beautiful.

Lammily vs Barbie

If Lammily doll and Barbie would be real

Barbies proportions are highly unrealistic. If Barbie would be a real women she couldn’t even stand on her feet. She wouldn’t be able to have menstruation and whole liver.  Barbie wouldn’t be able to lift her head. Her neck would be so thin that would have room only for Trachea or Esophagus. So she would need to choose between eating or breathing.

If Barbie would be women, he wouldn’t have room for all bones in arms and legs. Four of the 8 critical arms and legs bones would be missing.


You can see VIDEO HERE

Which one would you buy to your child? Lammily or Barbie?


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