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Difference between pyramid system and MLM marketing

Difference between pyramid system and MLM marketing

When someone introduce you multi level marketing business (MLM ),  you usually first think about pyramid system and if you don’t know the difference between them You usually say:

‘ No thank you, I don’t like pyramid system‘

‘I don’t trust pyramid system‘

‘This isn’t working for me’

This response is automatic, it’s programmed  ( its hard to say programmed because we are not computers, maybe it taught ) into us. This words we were hearing in our childhood from parents, friends, coworkers, …

But I will tell you the truth:


What is pyramid system?

Pyramid scheme – Capitalis

Pyramid system is today’s capitalist system. Pyramid system is very likely to be your current job. Is what we are taught from an early age: do school, listen to teacher, find a job, then hire a credit, buy an apartment or house, have children, be good, go to work regularly – listen to the boss ….

Average wish is to have house with white fence, 2 children and a dog. And everyone is smiling, singing.

But this is not reality

What is reality ?

You are working hard for minimum wage or little more. And waiting for promotion. You paycheck is not equivalent to years you spent in schools.

You are looking forward to the non working weekend and hoping that you can rest and catch enough sleep.

Through all year long, you are thinking about year vacancy if you will be able to have it or if you will be able to take another loan beside loan for car or apartment.

During your holidays you wish to be done everything you couldn’t done during the year. You are fighting with spouse and children, because you all have different wishes and you are not used to be with each others.

And when you work like this, till your retirement (if you’ll live to see it), then you will be able to do what you’ve waited for all this years.

Are you happy with this?

Multilevel marketing

This is a new system of marketing. A lot of people are scared of it because is new. But old was replaced by a new one, because they found that the old systems no longer work. 

MLM vs Pyramid system

Imagine spider web. MLM Marketing is like that.

There is no top, you are your own boss. All people around you are willing to help you and cooperate with you.

From you goes threads. A lot of them to other coworkers and from them to others, and from this member to other and so on and on. Network is infinite.

And from each member of your network you earn.

The income you receive from people you do not know in person.

This days we have the opportunity of Internet and is GOOD and our RIGHT  to use it. Everything you can do from home, from friends house, favorite cafes and from the sun loungers on the terrace …. Anywhere you have Internet access.

Imagine. In the morning you can wake up without alarm clock, you can work when you have time, you can live anywhere in the world.

In some time you can earn more than in regular job and you can have more free time.

I don’t wont to light a fire in you. You still need to work. But results will come quicker and better.


How did you lived till now?

How do you wanna live from NOW?


At the bottom of the pyramid, where you let them trample all over you


in the safe haven of the network, where you surround and protect by others?

Where do you wanna be

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