Differences Between Organic and Non organic Food

Differences Between Organic food and Non organic Food


Do you eat organic food
What kind of food do you eat?

Organic food or non organic food this is the question.

Many people become confused over the differences between organic food and inorganic food. Many produce companies will try to confuse the issue by insisting that both contain the same amount of nutrients, so why would you choose the higher priced one? There are differences between the two, and they involve the effects that they have on the human body.

Organic produce is government certified to have been grown in a healthy manner, without the use of harmful products. This means that no pesticides were used, no synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, GMOs—Genetically Modified Organisms, or ionizing radiation.

If it’s an animal-based product, the animals used to produce the meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy products have not been given antibiotics or growth hormones.

There may be some dispute, as an organic farm may still use pesticides, but they must be natural ones. For example, a farm may use clove oil on their plant leaves to prevent aphids from eating them, but the farm can still retain their organic designation.

Animals may receive vitamin and mineral supplements, and the farmer can still retain the organic meat label.

And inorganic ?

Nonorganic food is not as strictly controlled. A farm may use any legal pesticide on the market, any sort of fertilizer or sewage sludge (human included), and use GMO seeds. Radiation treatment is not as widely used due to health concerns, but still may be used.

Inorganic food
Difference is between kind of pesticides

Depending on country, provincial and state laws, a farm may utilize a variety of different methods of treating produce and animals for disease, and to grow crops faster. Some states and countries have banned the use of GMOs, but there is no world-wide ban on any of the above.

While you may be gaining the same nutrients from an organic ear of corn, as opposed to a GMO grown corn treated with pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, there are other concerns at risk.

Organic food is better, as it’s a more natural way of fueling the human body. During cave people days, there were no pesticides, fertilizers, synthetics or GMOs. Humans ate a healthy diet.

Now it’s the 21st century, and humans are developing cancerous tumors at an alarming rate. The effects of non-organic food just aren’t completely understood at this point in time.

Our bodies are already bombarded with air pollution, and harmful chemicals, and so do we really want to chance it with the foods we eat too? It could be the tipping point between the body’s natural immune system fighting off a cancerous tumor, and to the tumor turning to stage 2 cancer.

Our livers have to screen out harmful chemicals and toxins. Eat healthy, pure food, and its job is a lot easier. Eat food that is laced with pesticides, herbicides, and whatever the GMOs substances were obtained from, and your liver has to work a lot harder. It’s no surprise that liver disease is on the rise too.

The next time you hear a scientist say that there is no nutritional difference between organic and inorganic food, you’ll be aware that they’re covering up the more pertinent issue that organic food is safer for the human body to consume.


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organic food
There is huge difference between organic and inorganic meat

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