As I wrote in About me, my first profession is cosmetics. Its also one of my passions. I was working in cosmetic fields for around 15 years, then I stopped for a little bit.

Cosmetic fair in Celje Slovenia 2010
Me on cosmetic fair 2010

But for almost 15 years I lived for that passion. Aromatherapy was my specialization, I was learning about different cosmetic fields in Italy, Austria, Mauritius, Slovenia and also on-line. I lectured on several schools, I had private classes, …

I stopped working in that field because I got strong allergies (contact dermatitis). It was so strong that I couldn’t do almost anything. Not even bath my newborn (it was years ago, now he is big boy :-) )

But the passion remained. Somewhere under the surface it was waiting quietly.

In 2012 I found out products with Ganoderma and after testing I joined to DXN. It helped me a lot. My allergies are almost gone, my whole family lives a healthier lives, my skin improved and I helped others too.

in 2014 I went to the seminar of Roohi Salim and after that we talked for I think for more than 2 hours. And she reminded me why I was so passionate about cosmetic.

I really like sharing my knowledge. And I really like helping  people. By doing this I was doing both at the same time. Since then I talked with a lot of you and I hope it was helpful. On this blog I will share all my knowledge. If you have any comment please write it. If you have any question post it here or under blog or you can write me directly HERE.


Thank you for trusting me.