Highly processed food – Fast food is cheaper

Are people talking about highly processed food or fast food being cheaper than fresh food, right?

What is highly processed food?

One of the biggest problems with the typical western diet is the fact, that much of our food is refine or highly processed.
The refining process removes important nutrients. Like fiber, iron and B vitamins and these food manufacturers are doing for two reasons.

Reasons for food processing: 

  1. To extend the shelf life of the product. 
    A heavily processed food is going to last longer on the supermarket shelf, because pests like mold, for example, are less attracted to foods that are low in

    A hamburger that’s highly processed will spoil much more slowly than a hamburger made at home with mostly natural ingredients.

    nutrients. A hamburger that’s highly processed will spoil much more slowly than a hamburger made at home with mostly natural ingredients.
    But if highly process food is low in nutrients that the pests don’t even want to eat it. How healthy can it be for us?

  2. To give a product a softer texture
  3.  To give a product better taste.
    For a better sell of products. They add significant amounts of salt, sugar, and fats. As the result for foods to taste good.
  4. To give better look.Highly processed foods are a masquerade to look like as healthy foods. These products have synthetic nutrients added back to them. After they’ve been refined. And this is usually done to make the product seem healthy to the nutrition aware consumer.
    Additives like colorants, artificial flavors, stabilizers and other preservatives are also added to enhance package products. And give the illusion that we, as consumers have many choices when we walk through the aisles.

Is highly processed food cheaper?

The nutrient content of any given food is directly related to the spoil rate of that food. Foods that are very low in nutrients spoil much more slowly than foods that are rich in nutrients.

When people talk about fast food is cheaper than fresh food, they’re often referring to the fact that cost per calorie of highly processed food is lower than that of fresh whole food. This is often true because highly process food is so high in calories. That the cost per calorie is relatively low.
But if we instead look at the cost of food per unit of nutrient density. Then buying fewer calories of higher nutrient density food is a much better use of our food budget.
In the midst of a serious epidemic of obesity, to avoid empty calories should be near the very top of our list of priorities.


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And do watch Jamie Oliver’s video how they are doing Nuggets.

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