It’s hard to talk about myself, but when I start it’s hard to stop. So I will try to be as brief as I can.

I’m Mojca Jan, a beautician by the first profession. I also consider myself as a student, mentor, explorer, mummy, partner, friend, … and everything during my

Me 2010 year
Mojca Jan at cosmetic fair in Slovenia

favorite task, drinking coffee. Not just any coffee, healthy coffee :-).


During my inactive time, I’ve gained weight,  my body changed, I felt the lack of energy and not only that. I noticed that I became more impatience person, too. Easily willing to argue, fight (with words of course), …

Because I know it wasn’t my fault 😉 I started looking for someone or something to blame for. I needed around 2 years to figure it out it was everything was my fault. Yes, I know you can’t believe it, but is true.

I found out if I change my way of thinking and the way of living and of course my eating habits, I will change my life.

So I started

So I started. I started to explore more about food, thinking, the law of attraction and I found some mentors.

And here it is. THIS BLOG is a result of everything, my opinions, my point of view,  my research.

Certificate passed Introduction to Food & health course. Lectured by Maya Adam, Michael Pollan and David Eisenberg.

I passed course about Child nutrition (Stanford University – Maya Adam ), Introduction to food & healthy (Stanford university – Lectured by Maya Adam, Michael Pollan and David Eisenberg. Enrolled in Learning how to learn (University of California ). Learning about Permaculture with Larry Korn.

I am still learning. I learn every day!

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