Real passive income – step 4 – how to work?

I will show you now in six, also easy steps, how you can have passive income within six months.

I already wrote about first 3 steps:

1 step, about reason and how to do the first step

2 step, about rejection

3 step, write a blog

So, let’s get on with it!

Step 4 to gain real passive income:

[cta_box id=”%postid%”]Let me start with some good news straight away. You already read 3 posts from me, so you seem to believe that you have the interest in online network building and working from home. As a result to gain a real passive income.

You know, only one thing is must to learn something well and enjoy doing it : INTEREST!

You need the interest to gain real passive income.

You need to how to come to a person. Do not push them away with aggressive technic.

If you have your own, solid internal motivation, your true faith, and endurance. And you have a professional website with your own story, with a blog. All you need to do now is show your website to as many people as possible.

In MLM there is an important rule, maybe this is the most important rule: IT IS UP TO THE PERSON, WHETHER THEY ARE INTEREST IN THIS BUSINESS OR NOT!

It is them who has to decide, not you.You don’t choose who you show your website to, you show it to everybody. Let them decide, whether they want to join or not.

That’s fine. But how am I supposed to forward my website to the public – probably free of charge?

First of all, here are some dos and don ts. DO NOT SEND SPAM. You hate them, I hate them and believe me the person who you send it to hates them too.

If you still want to send spam, make sure there is something personal, something specific in it that links you with the addressee e.g. how you got his/her e-mail address, what is the reason you have sent it specifically to him/her. That would help him/her to identify with your e-mail and he/she won’t delete it automatically without reading it.

Here are some tips on how to forward your website to the public free of charge:

1. Your own database, e-mail list.

Look around on your computer. Have you ever received an e-mail that included many names and e-mail addresses in the “address line”? If you have not deleted them, you can use them now.

2. Social networking websites

Let the friends be part of the fun you are having.

If you are a member of any social networking websites and you have friends, acquaintances there, let them be part of the fun and contact them as soon as possible.

3. Online advertisement

The internet is rich with free advertisement websites, where you can advertise yourself and your website.

4. Catalogues

There are many catalogues available, where you can register free of charge.

5. Representative forums

You can found hundreds of forms on the internet. Where people with similar interests can exchange opinions and ideas on different issues. You just need to find out the type of people who would be interested in your products and join their favorite forum.


Let people know what are you doing and what promotions you have.

6. Mailing lists


This is a collection of names and addresses of people that have an interest in the same subject, are members of the same workgroup, etc. It is like forums.

Be creative!

Use your own IQ and your own imagination; where and how you can advertise that you are offering one of the best online money making opportunities.

If you spend a few hours every week advertising and popularising your website – from the comfort of your home sitting in front of your computer – it will be rewarding. The number of people who sign up to your newsletter will be bigger and bigger. And you can relax, your automatic newsletter system will do the selling job.

This is not that complicated, is it? You can gain real passive income in just a 6 months.

I’m sure you understand and accept that I can’t share all the tactics with you right now. But I can assure you if you join the business you will get access to our online service support and all practical advice to a successful online network building.

I wish you success and have a nice day!

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