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  • testimonials about Mojca
    Katja G.V. – Mojca is the sunshine

    Katja G.V.: Mojca is a real sunshine, always ready to advise something useful. Impressed by the new skills, which she likes to pass to others. She wants to transfer enthusiasm to others. I know that whenever I need any additional information about DXN products, is able to get it from Mojca in a very short time. It is a very busy person with a lot of creative ideas. With Peter, they are constantly looking for new work methods, new ways of informing people about healthy lifestyles, life chances, motivation, … Mojca, I am glad that you presented me DXN!



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  • testimonial about dxn products
    Romana J. – I prefer drinking coffee with Ganoderma

    Romana J.: I can say only that I drank ordinary coffee every morning, then I took  Ganoderma lucidum in capsules, but now is all combined, and I think is drinking coffee with Ganoderma healthier than drinking capsules.
    Why I enjoy Ganoderma lucidum? I had very late founded the left kidney malignant tumor grade 4 and the possibility of bulky metastasis, particularly in the skull for which I go to regular inspections. Now the situation has stopped. At least for now! For this reason, I regularly enjoyed DXN COFFEE! Greetings to all.




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DXN testimonials
Alojz J. Because of DXN coffee I don’t travel alone

Alojz J.: I am using DXN products for around 3 years now. Because 3 years ago my partner had a tumor on her kidney. The tumor was already in such stage that doctors had to remove the entire kidney. Thankfully one doctor advised her to start using Ganoderma. She is using them for over 3 years now and she is without metastasis. Not only that, she feels good and healthy all the time. I recommended DXN coffee to a friend of mine, who has the strong form of cancer and took irradiation. Doctors gave him 3 to 6 month to live. After 3 months – the drinking of DXN coffee – metastases stopped growing. He also feels much better now. He is alive now, for more than 1 year. I also drink DXN coffee – even if I am healthy – just for prevention. I drink cream coffee every day.



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Jozhe V.:  My favorite DXN product is DXN coffee 3 in 1. I drink it every day for around 3 years now. It has great flavor, smell, and quality. It is very simple for prepare and it doesn’t increase the blood pressure as ordinary coffee.   Ganoderma in the coffee is a big plus because in last time I wasn’t seeking, I feel great and full of energy. I am not tired so quickly as I used to be.

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